CEO's Message

Happy 2018-19 school year!

Our STEM Prep family welcomed 1,153 students across our 3 schools this August.  The excitement and enthusiasm of our students and families was both motivating and inspirational!

Ensuring that all of our students and families have access to a high quality schools in their neighborhood is a key goal of STEM Prep. Additionally, providing our students with the tools needed to have a pathway to careers in engineering, biomedicine, and computer science is a commitment that is extremely important to us.

As I spend time at our schools, three observations stood out to me:

  • The joy of our students: So many smiles, laughs and energy. It was great to see students return to their STEM Prep families.
  • The enthusiasm of our team.  It was clear that our team of 115 was ready to be with students!  We were ready to serve students and guide them though the exploration of real life problems and help them become STEM thinkers by thinking differently .
  • The commitment of our students:  Our mission to end educational inequity is critical and morally correct.  Listening to students explore STEM careers, where they will be the minority in terms of demographics, is inspiring. Together we will be agents of change and disrupt the status quo.

Thank you  to all our staff, students, parents, and partners. We know that 2018-2019 will be the best year yet at STEM Prep.


Dr. Emilio Pack

CEO of STEM Prep Schools
Emilio Pack directs charter schools that help minority kids get ahead in STEM classes.
*Courtesy of LA Weekly